The Listing Process

Detailed Guide on Listing a Property

We Make it Easy to Rent or Sell Your Property

Save time with our NatalHub system, and get what you need — signed leases, sold properties, and payments.

Post a listing in 3 easy steps


Add Property Details, Images, Price and more…

Complete our intuitive listings submission platform with all the tools you need to include all the relevant information. 


NatalHub will verify the property and follow up with any questions

We will review your submitted property, send additional documents and visit the property with our on-site staff. 


Published and shared with our verified list of users

Once verified, we will publish the property accordingly and you can sit back and let NatalHub do all the work for you. Including screening applicants and setting up tenant agreements and more.

Check the Status and Make Updates to the Property

From your Admin dashboard, you can always make changes and check the progress of interest for your property. Changes made will be subject to a review process prior to the listing going back live.

Sit Back, Relax…Get Paid!

With the NatalHub as your Agent, all you need to do is sit back and wait for the offers to come in. Then get paid. Commission rates, payment terms and options are all discussed with you privately.

Ready to Get Started?

List your property with confidence.

We will screen tenants & buyers. Setup the contracts. You Get paid!

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